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In a crazy, busy world, where everything is fast and about convenience, here at Simply Blissful Living we are stepping out of “normal” and embracing the freedom to cross over to those things that simplify life!

Who am I? jernica

I’m an empty nesting, free spirited, gypsy soul, wild child at heart who loves learning, discovering and simplifying life! You can get an up close look at About Me and 12 Interesting Facts About Me

 What will you find at Simply Blissful Living?

A peak inside my life as I stumble through discovering hidden treasures and applying them to life!

With a wealth of knowledge and still learning daily, I hope the ideas shared and insights given, help you to remove the chaotic, hustle and bustle and add meaning and purpose to your life!  

Simply Blissful Living encompasses it all: family living, frugal living, healthy living and even some good ole empowerment through spiritual living!

So What Makes this Blog Different from the Others?

In the Blogging World, as a “beginning” blogger it can be quite overwhelming to say the least! There is much to learn and discover! One of my greatest struggles has been sharing this with YOU in fear of the unknown i-dotting, t-crossing and blogging etiquette!

But there is one thing in life I have discovered…..

Until there is a beginning … there will never be an adventure!!

SO with my big girl panties on and my boot straps pulled up, I am excited to venture into the great unknown!


After all, how much different can it be to type it on a screen and send it out into the world of cyber life when I have years of putting words to paper and out into the atmosphere empowering and coaching others through life?

I hope you will join me as we discover together the mysteries of having the courage to delve into new adventures of SIMPLY BLISSFUL LIVING!

Here is a sneak peak into what you will find here! Check it out and let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear your feedback!